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3 Gallon Trash Can, Smart Touchless!

3 Gallon Trash Can, Smart Touchless!

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Our 3 Gallon smart touchless trash can!

This trash can is one of our more exclusive items with 
Smart features Our trash could be used anywhere 
especially outdoors as the trash can is waterproof in wet environments with 
touchless opening and closing.

 How to open our touchless trash can.

Their several ways to open our trash can: you could open
 it by Hover your hand over the can, knee bend over the can, a kick touch sensor
 and even though it’s touchless it offers a button to open it.

The power life of the trash can/technology.

Even though the trash cans are touchless they have to be replaced with batteries.  But the good thing is you will only have to replace the batteries every month or two.   Our trash cans are packed with the top sensors to ensure technical and safety requirements.


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